My Top 3 Coworking Spaces in Cape Town


Six out of twelve months I am living in Cape Town. Whereas in Berlin I have my work base in my own office being surrounded by a great community of colleagues, my business setup is quite different from that when I’m in the Mother City. For the past two years I have been looking for new bases there to establish a productive, social and affordable environment to get things done. And I have found those bases. On my way there I have also visited other places that didn’t make it to the final round, but mostly for personal reasons like proximity to my apartment. These are my top 3 coworking recommendations. If you ever get the chance to spend some time in this beautiful city and need to add a day or two of work, you should definitely give one of them a try.

twenty fifty

twenty fifty is definitely on top of my list. Not only because I spent most of my time there. Gareth and Nathan have found a great location. It’s right on top of the legendary Truth Coffee with its unique steam punk atmosphere. Everyday you have the feeling you’re going right through a walk-in coffee machine, which is a great source for your caffeine desires. Besides that, they are putting so much energy into building a great community, by organizing lunches, yoga classes, business classes, late work hours with pizza and beer supply, and so much more. I have very fond memories of my work experience there. Everyone is supporting each other and it’s quite easy to make friends.


1st Floor, Truth Coffee Building, 36 Buitenkant St, Cape Town


R150 ($14)/month for 1 day a month

R500 ($48)/month for 4 days a month

R800 ($76)/month for 8 days a month / 2 days a week

R1500 ($140)/month for 9-5 every work day

R2050 ($195)/month for 24/7

R2500 ($238)/month for 24/7 fixed desk

R3700 ($353)/month (2-person team)

R5020 ($479)/month (3-person team)

R6070 ($579)/month (4-person team)


hubspace was the first place I worked in Cape Town and from the minute I stepped into the room I felt a very warm and welcoming hospitality. It was established by Heart Capital, a social business investment firm. Their first coworking space is located in the Old Castle Brewery in Woodstock. But in the meantime they have also opened another space in the township Khayelitsha and are planning to open a third location in Stellenbosch. They also organize a lot of inspirational community events with music, food, business knowledge and great conversations included.


Unit 102, Old Castle Brewery Building, 6 Beach Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7429 – See more at:

Harare Square Business Hub, Ncumo Road, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, 7784 – See more at:


Last time I was there a monthly 9 to 5 membership cost about R2200 ($209).

Cape Town Garage

If you’re coming to Cape Town to work with a team on your startup, the Cape Town Garage might be a great option for you. They offer everything you need to get closer to your product launch, from necessary things like fast internet to educational workshops and coding classes as well as a community that also includes potential investors and mentors. It has been founded by 88mph which is powered by Google.


Woodstock Exchange, Block A / 4th Floor, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock / 7925


R2000 ($190) per month

Even though I could open my laptop anywhere I want, I love and need a community and routine. That’s why coworking spaces are the ideal place to work, create and learn. Tell me about your favorite coworking spaces in the world!


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