TinkerBots Turns Toys Into Robots


Even though TinkerBots is primarily designed for kids – or perhaps just because – their freshly launched Indiegogo campaign will certainly get many grown-ups to play. Take some time to watch the video and you’ll understand why. Just like LEGO is inspiring the inner child in so many grown-ups, TinkerBots – the living LEGO – will most likely achieve the same. Without knowing how to program, kids can create an endless combination of objects and make them alive. Without even noticing, they will get a hands-on introduction to technology and robotics.


The TinkerBots team stresses the educational purpose of its innovation, which turns children of all ages into robotics scientists by intuitively playing and experimenting. Thus, it is more than obvious that interactive sets like this should find their way into schools. Physics classes will never be the same again ;)


The red cube is the Power Brain. It comes alongside a range of other different kinetic modules like the twister, the pivot, the motor-module and the grabber, plus a whole bunch of small, passive building blocks you can use to add more detail to your robots, and you can even use LEGO Bricks to add more detail if you want. All of TinkerBots’ pieces can be connected easily without the need for wiring or programming. Even a five year old can use TinkerBots to build any robot he or she can imagine.

The integrated record-and-play mode lets you teach your robot what to do and to bring it to life. Just take the robot in your hands, press record, move it in the way you want it to move, and when you hit the play button, your robot will repeat exactly what you just taught it. For more advanced robots, you can use the TinkerBots app on your tablet or smartphone as a remote control.

Made In

Bernau/Berlin, Germany


$159 – Basic Wheeler Set

$229 – Basic Animal Set

$269 – Early Bird Set (Recommended)

$299 – Advanced Builder Set

$329 – Sensoric Builder Set

$399 – Ultimate Grabber Set

$499 – Sensoric Mega Set

Final Crowdfunding Day

25 May, 2014


Q4 2014

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