Shower Smarter – Save Energy and Water in the Bathroom with these two Gadgets

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Without my daily shower time, I’d probably forget half of my to do list and had missed quite a few “magical” ideas. But it’s not only time and ideas that flow by every morning in the bathroom. It’s also precious water and energy. Did you know that showers and baths account for 38% of the water usage in the home (in the UK) and water heating uses about 18% of households’ energy, while we are standing about eight to twelve minutes underneath the shower, with probably the potential to save at least 50% of the energy and water we use for each session?

Two startups have entered the stage with the goal to turn your bathroom into a much more eco-friendly place, both successfully crowd-funded by now.


Switzerland-based Amphiro’s main focus is mostly on energy saving, but it will also give you lots of information on your water consumption. Most people are not aware of the energy amount they use at this very moment of the shower. It is that behavior that Amphiro really wants to draw attention to.

2014_10_29_LABWe started researching in the smart meter area for electricity and noticed that there wasn’t a single solution for water heating. That’s how our attention was drawn to faucets. For taking over control of water usage energy at the faucet is required. Therefore we developed our miniaturized generator that empowers the display with the needed energy directly from the water flow.” – Liliane Ableitner from Amphiro

“Every morning I start my day with a nice warm shower. Before using amphiro these showers lasted very long and nothing could prevent me from enjoying another fiuve minutes and another five minutes. I came out of the shower, the bathroom was steamy all over and I did not care about the energy I just wasted. Then I installed Amphiro in my shower and I first noticed how much water and energy you use in the shower. I do have to admit that this was quite a shock. From that moment on a sort of sense of responsibility came to my mind and I starting turning off the water when soaping and cutting the 5 minutes of pleasant hot water on my body at the end of every shower. Soon I noticed enormous reductions on my energy bill. Still I take a nice warm shower every morning but with care about the environment.” Amphiro user

I really like their approach of providing the real-time data the user needs to take control herself. Via the amphiro app you can track your consumption, see your history and trends, set your own saving goals and work on pursuing them. You can also challenge a friend and find the energy saving champion. Along the the polar bear symbols displayed on the amphiro, these are quite some interesting gamification factors that might really help changing your shower habits in the long run.

The team behind EVA takes a different approach and  focuses primarily on water saving. By actively changing the water flow when the desired temperature has been reached as well as depending on how far away from the shower head you are.

“Providing Eva users with a simple, easy solution to conserve water is our way of shifting the way society views water consumption. With smart shower app statistics that bring daily awareness to users, we continue the cycle of revolutionizing the practice of water conservation, inspiring smart shower users to explore other ways of saving water and bettering the world.”

Both amphiro and Eva are designed to work with 90% of showers and shower heads, using standard 1/2” pipe fittings, and can be installed in a few easy steps.

So go ahead and shower smarter. If you need more reasons to be convinced have a look at some of these stats.

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Feature image by Jenny Downing under CC BY 2.0

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