Radlicht Turns Your Bicycle Into an Eye-Catcher at Night


With the growing popularity of bicycles, style and personal expression become more and more important for cyclists. Upgrading and individualizing bikes is thus an unstoppable trend. The team of “Radlicht” wants to turn your bicycle into an eye-catcher on the streets, especially during nighttime, by turning its wheels into a mesmerizing light spectacle. The powerful LED lights that just need to be connected to the wheel spokes have been designed to be ultra-bright, but at the same time not blinding to other people or cars on the road.


“Use Radlicht bike light system in order to show the world your individuality. The variety of colors turns you into an artist and your bike into the masterpiece. Paint the night with your own colors!”


The battery-powered LED tubes can be mounted to bike wheels ranging from 20” and larger. The only prerequisite is to have wheels with spokes. It is possible to install two Radlicht sets on one wheel in order to increase illumination or to mix two Radlicht of different colors on a single wheel. The rechargeable battery blog weighs less than 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and keeps you bike a-light for more than 10 hours on a charge. The tubes together weigh approximately 30 grams (one ounce). The weight of the tubes is distributed evenly around the wheel. All parts are water and shock resistant.

Made In

Boston, MA, United States

Munich, Germany


Minimum: $49 = 1 Radlicht of any color or double-colored. Free delivery. X-Mas Sale.

Maximum: $250 = Honorary board member. Receive one of the first pairs of a brand new set of finalized Radlicht *(7,8 or 9 tubes model) of any unique color (You can select by yourself the sequence of tubes’ colors for your Radlicht-bike-light from our palette as well as the combination of any two colors at the same tube!!!). You will also get a space on their Sponsors’ and Supporters’ page.

Recommended: $95 = 2 Radlichts of any color or double-colored. Free delivery. X-Mas Sale. (3 of 55 remaining)

Final Crowdfunding Day

17 Jan 2014


April 2014



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  • Reply September 30, 2014

    Kickstarter Backer

    It turns out, the final product has nothing to do with what has been promoted to get the funding. It is ridiculously heavy, is made up of white plastic straws with an LED hotglued to each end, soldered by hand with numerous customers reporting loose connections, not waterproof, and illegal to use in Germany, one of the project creators’ home countries. The project creators refuse refunds.

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