LUMO makes city cyclists safe on the bike and stylish off it


Doug profile LUMO“City cyclists don’t just dress for the journey, we dress for the destination too. Until now high quality cycling wear has largely been targeted at weekend warriors, we want to change that and make beautiful garments that are designed for city riding and living. Our mission is to help as many people as possible to experience the realisation that cycling is the most sustainable and satisfying way of getting from A to B.” - Co-founder, Doug Bairner explains where the inspiration for LUMO came from.

I talked to Lucy Brown, co-founder of LUMO, about where the inspiration came from and what hidden features LUMO has to offer:

lucy2 B&WAfter years of commuting by bike in both London and Sydney, my partner (and fiancé) Doug could never find clothes to cycle to work in that weren’t too tight, too bright, or not functional for cycling in. He knew he needed to be as visible as possible to motorists but like 90% of other cyclists, he was reluctant to resort to high-viz clothing for fear of looking stupid. Why couldn’t someone design clothing that combined visibility, function for cycling and style all at once?

That’s when we had the idea for LUMO. We spoke to more and more people and realised we weren’t the only ones who would be willing to buy stylish looking clothes with subtly integrated technology for cycling, especially if they helped to keep you safe on the road. So, we quit our jobs and set up LUMO to help solve that problem. Our debut line, the London Collective, has taken design inspiration from classic British outer-garments and bags and combined them with state-of-the-art wearable technology features with cycling firmly in mind.”

Of course a lot of focus has been on the lights and quite rightly because they are unique to LUMO.


That said, we are very proud of our fabrics. We spent months trawling through textile fairs and meeting specialised fabric mills before settling on our chosen materials. We didn’t want the collection to look technical in any way but it had to perform on the bike.

That meant the fabric had to be water resistant to withstand the British weather but also breathable and moisture wicking to regulate your body temperature when you are working hard on the bike. We use Swiss brand Schoeller’s® fabrics treated with their 3XDRY® technology to provide this functionality. Most importantly, the fabrics are constructed using natural wool and cotton and then treated so wouldn’t look out of place at work or in a bar. Our acid test was always, would I wear it to meet my mates in after work? If the answer was no, we went back to the drawing board.

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June 2015

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