No Chain, No Pain – JIVE Bike is the World’s First Folding, Chainless, Electric Bicycle Compatible with Smartphones

JIVE bike

From the streets of London to anywhere in the world, the JIVE bike will be rolling out this summer and might turn your daily commute to work and back into an effortless and flexible experience. Aimed at city commuters whose office isn’t further than 20 miles away, it can be folded into the size of a suitcase and carried with anywhere you go. Also, its chainless system promises you a cleaner and more durable commute.


It only takes 2 hours to recharge and you’re good to go home after a hectic work day. A mobile app that tells you your bike’s speed, battery life and location is planned to be released soon. E-bike commuters and cyclists may expect different experiences respectively. There are also many ways you can upgrade your bicycle. But If you desire a sleek, effortless and greener alternative to using the car, and don’t get turned off by the price tag of £ 1500, you can pre-order it now for half the price and pay the other half once you have received and testes it for yourself.

JIVE bike facts

top speed: 15.6 m/hr

cycling modes: full electric, full manual, assisted pedaling

range on a single charge: 20 miles in assisted pedaling mode

charging time: 2 hours in any electric socket

weight: 15 kg

JIVE Bike Technical Specifications

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