The Dash – World’s First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones


This gadget will be known to be the first kickstarter project I’ve ever backed. As someone who listens to music on the go constantly, and especially during my workout, I just couldn’t resist. I’ve already been experimenting with fitness trackers like the Jawbone UP, because I really like the idea of collecting stats about my exercise routine. But there is still something inconvenient and unnatural about wearing a piece of plastic around my wrest, since I also don’t wear a lot of jewelry or a watch. And involving my phone in sports hasn’t been very convincing either. So this recent kickstarter hit seems like the ideal solution. The Dash – once produced – will be the world’s first wireless smart in ear headphone, and you should really check it out.


The inventors of The Dash already describe a great variety of situations they seem fit for these headphone, especially in combination with their app and developer kit:

  • Imagine The Dash protecting you. A sound or sensor trigger could alert emergency services, all the while transmitting your vital readings and position.
  • Imagine The Dash being used by firefighters to monitor their health and improve communications.
  • Imagine being able to identify infections or injuries in combination with 3rd party sensors by using sensor fusions.
  • Imagine being able to talk with a foreigner by having the conversation translated on the fly
  • Imagine using The Dash as a prompter during presentations

The list goes on and one, from travelling to health to business and more.



With wireless in ear headphones there is actually not much to be installed. The Dash comes with a carrying case and battery packs that will last up to four hours each. You can connect it to your computer, car or stereo via bluetooth or you can store up to 4GB of music via a micro USB cable. Bluetooth is also the way to connect  with your phone and sync with their app. Three different sized silicone sleeves make sure it will fit your ear.


Made In

Munich, Germany


The Earlybird pledge is already sold out, but “The Bird” offer is still up for $199, $100 lower than the suggested retail price.

Final Crowdfunding Day

March 31, 2014


November 2014

Are you in?

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