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Hello, I’m Miriam.


Five years ago, I founded Mashup Communications, a Berlin-based PR agency specialized in online and mobile startups.

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Almost three years ago, I decided to take a little break and spend some time in a far-away country. I enjoy slow traveling, because it allows me to really get a feel for the local culture and to become a local myself a little bit. Anyway, I went to Cape Town, South Africa. There, I fell in love, and after some distance-related struggles, which took more than year, I decided to give this relationship a chance, despite the distance of almost 10,000 km. So now I’m “commuting” back and forth between Berlin and Cape Town, which – after taking the leap – turned out to be quite an awesome change in my life.

Both my job and the circumstances that allow me to lead this personal lifestyle made me create this blog. Without technology none of this would exist in my life. And I realize more and more that I want to celebrate and express my enthusiasm for technology and the way it opens up so many opportunities to have a better, more productive, healthier, more flexible and more fun life. I also want to get to know and celebrate other people who are living in different places at the same time, probably also very much based on the internet and mobile technology.

I will write a lot about gadgets, apps and online tools that may have a positive effect on our lives. But all that tech enthusiasm has to be balanced with some thoughts on how to also enjoy the offline side of life. And last but not least, I also want to share stories and local insights of my two home towns, Berlin and Cape Town, because those are two of the most amazing places one could live in and I love to make my readers curious and intrigued about them.

I hope you enjoy this blog!

If you want to contact me for guest articles, interviews, gadget or app reviews, or if you just want to say hi, feel free to use this contact form. I’ll get back to you asap.

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