brightup brings context aware light automation to everyone

App and Central Unit

brightup is connected hardware that allows you to automate, customize and remote control your lights at home. It comes as a bundle with a central unit and two types of brightup devices i.e the brightup plugs and the in-wall dimmers. Floor lamps and table lamps can be connected to the system through the brightup plugs and the ceiling lamps with the in-wall dimmers. The central unit is the brain of the system and provides context-aware automation. This means it uses all available information like the position of the sun and your location to create the best lighting in your home. The central unit communicates wirelessly with the brightup devices using the Z wave protocol. The zero installation process and context aware automation are two things that make brightup, a unique solution.

brightup smart lighting from Sebastian Rösch on Vimeo.


The system has pre-defined light scenarios and also lets you create your own. A light scenario is created by grouping different lamps at home and defining their brightness level. Some of the pre-defined scenarios included in the app are:

Wake up light- Connect your existing lamp to a brightup device and set an alarm in your smartphone. brightup will wake you up gently at the set wake up time by gradually dimming up the connected lamps.

TV Mode- Connect your TV to a brightup plug. When you now turn on your TV, the brightup plug notices the increase in electrical consumption. The central unit uses this information to trigger your pre-set TV light scenario.

Security Mode- brightup’s clever algorithm integrates weather information and knows when it is dark outside. If you’re not home at this time, brightup turns on your lamps in a random way.

Security Mode 1


The system can be setup in three easy steps. Connect the central unit to your router at home. Install the brightup devices i.e. the brightup plugs can be plugged in to your wall sockets and the brightup dimmers can be installed behind your existing wall switches. Finally download the app and you’re ready to go.

Made In

Hamburg, Germany


Early bird bundle with 1 central unit & 3 devices costs 199€

Early bird starter bundle with 1 central unit & 1 device costs 159€

Free Shipping within Germany, 10€ for all other EU nations

Final Crowdfunding Day

March 31st, 2014


October 2014

Bundle with 3 plugs and app

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