10 Lessons from Social Media Communication for Real Life

Lessons Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Co. have introduced new and easier ways to get in touch and interact with other people. But let’s be honest. What we express while we hide behind the digital wall doesn’t always correlate to our natural behavior when it comes to personal commucation with other people in real life. Some people claim that social media has turned communication into an anonymous game of self-portrayal, vanity, and pointless procrastination. However, I believe there are some patterns of social media communication which we should bring back more into real life. Clicking a “Like” button is easy. And so is giving compliments.

1. Thou shalt add new friends!


2. Thou shalt watch and learn from other people’s experience!

dirty dancing

3. Thou shalt honor your privacy!


4. Thou shalt give compliments!

facebook like compliment

5. Thou shalt listen!


6. Thou shalt be articulate!


7. Thou shalt team up with like-minded people!


8. Thou shalt tell great stories!


9. Thou shalt not be shy!

big deal

10. Thou shalt unfriend the ones who piss you off!

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